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Looking Back…

February 16, 2012

Frustration over an alleged violation of a regional policy preventing schools from sending buses into other districts to pick up students was expressed this week by the Suttons Bay Board of Education.

* * *

Will big Glen Lake ice over by Saturday for the Glen Arbor Winterfest Perch Fishing Contest? Probably not. In fact, big Glen may not freeze over for the first time since ... well, we’ve yet to find an answer to that question. There is ice along the shoreline of big Glen, but with winter well into its final month, the odds of it freezing are growing slim.

* * *

Should county government take a more active role in regulating — and possibly even approving — for-profit events held on public property? Sheriff Mike Oltersdorf broached the subject last week at the county Board of Commissioners meeting, stating that, so far, his department has lent a hand when asked to all organizers seeking assistance.

February 15, 2007

Pages of liens are now on file at the Leelanau County Register of Deeds office against the BayView property, submitted by several contractors who say they’re still owed money for materials and labor provided for the project last year and before. The developer of the massive BayView project, Marcus Yono of Brighton, did not return phone calls from a reporter seeking comment on this story.

* * *

After months of discussion, planning for the future, collaboration talks with other school districts and community forums, about 150 people sat before the Northport Board of Education last week and demanded a decision on the future of Northport High School. The board responded by approving a motion from member Denise Holland, with a second by member Susan Cordes, to keep Northport High School open, and that the district continue with strategic planning to ensure it offers the best education for students.

* * *

Retired professor, Victor Goldschmidt, makes no claim to be a climatologist, but his position differs from the growing chorus of claims that say that increases in carbon dioxide emissions are resulting in “global warming.” He believes that increases in temperature are cyclical and are consistent with changes that have occurred over a series of hundreds of thousands of years.

February 18, 1982

A complex and tricky financing deal involving the sale and leaseback of several buildings should pull Sugar Loaf Mountain Resort Corp. out of financial trouble and back into the black sometime this year. That’s the report of Sugar Loaf President James Ganter, who said the deal might not come off for several more months because it must be approved by the resort’s creditors and federal bankruptcy court.

* * *

Tentative tax-increase “factors” for agricultural property show that an increase of up to 79.9 percent may be levied on local assessments of ag lands this year. The tentative factors, released by the County Equalization Department last week, show that a multiplier factor of 1.797268 is proposed to be levied on agricultural land in Empire Township.

* * *

A new state law may force township assessors to review property assessments every year and send assessment increase notices annually to all landowners. And, if an equalizing “factor” is levied by the county or state to bring a township’s equalized value up to 50 percent of true cash value, the township could lose the increased tax revenue.

February 14, 1957

Monday, Feb. 18, will be caucus date for 10 of Leelanau’s 11 townships and the three incorporated villages of Empire, Suttons Bay and Northport. Townships will name candidates for biennial elections April 1 and villages will fill slates for annual elections March 11.

* * * First services will be held Sunday in the new Glen Lake Community Church just west of Burdickville, according to the Rev. C.D. Kuenen, pastor. Since there are no pews yet the congregation will use chairs.

* * *

Lack of snow has forced the postponement of the lower peninsula high school championship ski meet which had been scheduled for Saturday at Sugar Loaf Mountain with the Leelanau Schools of Glen Arbor as host.

February 18, 1897

John Weston of Solon was severely injured on Friday last while loading logs. One of his legs being crushed in a horrible manner.

* * *

Suttons Bay. Sam O. Cooley has moved the Maple City “Mirror” from that place to Suttons and will change its name to “Suttons Bay.” Mr. Cooley occupies the rooms above the grocery of W. H. Wakefield.

* * *

Northport. Rev. Hurlbut has handed in his resignation as pastor of the congregational church, to take effect three months from now.

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