2017-02-16 / Letters

Alternate route best for Heritage trail mission

To the Editor:

What is the primary mission of the Heritage Trail? I believe it is improved access to the park for all visitors. With that in mind, the proposed alternative route along CR 669 and Michigan Road is far superior to the current planned route from CR 669 to CR 651. In addition, the proposed alternative route avoids the significant negative impact the construction of the trail on Park land adjacent to Little Traverse Lake Road would have, i.e. removal of mature trees, damage to the dunes, and disruption of sensitive wetlands.

Serious bikers that ride Leelanau County don’t need the Heritage Trail extended beyond CR 669, especially now that the improvements to M-22 will be completed this year. With the proposed alternative route, Heritage Trail users would gain improved access to the Park’s wonderful amenities along Michigan Road, including the Lake Michigan beach, the Good Harbor Bay hiking trail, picnic facilities, paved parking, drinking water, pit toilets, Shalda Creek, and Shell Lake.

I have no stake in the property along Little Traverse Lake Road except as a frequent visitor to access the Park on foot. Disrupting that stretch of the Park with a paved trail makes no sense when a far superior route to access Lake Michigan is available.

Please allow common sense to prevail. Change the route. Drop the lawsuit. Spend the funds on the trail, not on legal fees.

Phil Stinson
Overbook Road
Glen Arbor

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