2017-02-23 / Letters

Great lakes patrol boat needed for northern border

To the editor:

I live in Glen Arbor and was reading some recent news. Some was national, from dennismichaellynch.com. Another story was local, from our Leelanau Enterprise.

Mr. Lynch has been warning of the consequences of having a porous northern as well as southern border for quite a while. He has personally spent much time investigating both. He has found that illegal immigrants from many other countries come to the United States, not only through Mexico, but also through Canada. Many of them do not have the best intentions for U.S. citizens in mind.

Then I saw in the January 19th Enterprise (Sec. 1, Page 7) where Sheriff Borkovich was asking a second time for the County Commission to allocate funds for a Great Lakes patrol boat. His intention is that most of the up to $500,000 cost would be covered by Homeland Security grant funding.

Considering that we are only a day’s powerboat ride away from the Canadian border near Detour, Michigan, I think that a Great Lakes patrol boat would be a very wise purchase. It would not only be helpful in saving those who need rescue out on Lake Michigan, but also in intercepting those bringing illegal drugs, guns, and explosives to our shores.

I have written to Commissioner Noonan also, encouraging him to support the purchase of this patrol boat. I think it would be a good use of my tax dollars for the benefit of the whole county.

Amy S. Peterson
Glen Eden Dr.
Glen Arbor, Michigan

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