2017-02-23 / Letters

Women’s march part of movement toward equality

To the editor:

The recent eye-opening Women’s March on Washington and around the world just raised the ante. To say that it is important is an understatement. Women have never stood up for themselves in such a global way before.

It was an awakening of the first order, a historic gathering from every state and dozens of countries, spoken in many languages, but with one heart. It was fearsome—and not so much a cry in the night, as a joyous celebration of the sisterhood as never seen before, and a warning to men who dare to treat women as second class citizens or worse, as chattels to be used for their convenience and financial gain.

They will be moving to protect women’s equality, civil and human rights, health, safety, and democracy itself. Issues important to all of us.

Ask women how they feel about unending war and the character and quality of local and national government policies and the turmoil in DC.

Now, where there is an abusive and corrupt government, there will be women speaking to power in ways that cannot be ignored. They are already tying up the telephones of their government leaders and showing up in numbers at local political offices to give their elected officials another viewpoint, and they have only had days to form their coalitions and develop their local strategies.

Many women of Northern Michigan have resonated with the new Feminist messages too as thousands of TC demonstrators marched in sympathy with their DC sisters.

The word is out: Suffering in silence is over: Inequality in the workplace and misrepresentation among local, state and national political institutions is over.

Local groups are forming coalitions and committees to meet the interests of both women and men volunteers. One such local organization will be looking for volunteers soon at 231-946-3365.

Brad Spencer
South Bingham Ridge Dr.
Bingham Township

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