2017-03-02 / Letters

Bergman won’t meet with ‘peaceful protest’

To the editor:

I participated in the peaceful protest on Feb. 23 in Petoskey outside of the Stafford’s Perry Hotel. There were easily 100 of us, simply asking Rep. Bergman to meet with us, his constituents, at a townhall during his recess week. After 2 1/2 hours of standing in the cold, Rep. Bergman did not acknowledge any of us, and left the luncheon, and drove away.

Looking around the crowd, I saw many people over 80 years old, some with walkers and canes. Dedicated to our cause, we persevered even without representation by our elected offi- cial. Shame on Bergman. Our resistance will go on, we won’t forget, and we all vote.

Kathy Wiejaczka
11746 S. Sleepy Valley Trail
Empire, MI 49630

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