2017-03-02 / Letters

Congress should investigate Trump

To Rep. Jack Bergman:

I understand why you fear town hall meetings where you would be confronted by angry constituents whose health insurance would be annulled by repeal of the ACA — a move you support. I wouldn’t want to defend your let-them-suffer non-plan to these would-be-sufferers, either. I so understand.

And I just realized why it’s so hard for your party to come up with a credible alternative. Obama stole your plan! The Affordable Care Act is Romneycare. Can’t we all just get along on improving it?

On the other hand, I would at least expect a US General (retired) to be patriotic, to have some insight into military strategy, and to muster some courage in these regards. For instance, if there were suspicion that top level communications were being intercepted by the enemy; that your command center was bugged; wouldn’t that concern you? Given the least suspicion, wouldn’t you do your utmost to suss it out?

But that is precisely the situation here. According to Nicholas Kristoff (NY Times Op-ed, Feb. 15 2017), “Published reports have quoted people in the intelligence community as fearing that information given to the White House will end up in Russian hands, even that the ‘Kremlin has ears’ in the White House Situation Room.”

Yet you do nothing, Congressman.

Investigate! Congress has the power to subpoena President Trump’s tax returns. That would be a start. An Independent Prosecutor would be a good second step.

According to (a nuclear arms website), the US has 6800 nukes. North Korea: 10. Russia: 7000. I ask you, General, which poses the greater threat to us: North Korean intermediate range ballistic missiles; or Russian ‘ears’ - even agents - in our Situation Room?

If Putin’s strings are on our trigger finger, the Bear’s claws are at our throats.

Larry Hauser
E. Horn Rd., Lake Leelanau

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