2017-03-02 / Letters

Sky not falling as Trump battles federal ‘Hen House’

To the editor:

The Democrat reaction against the presidential election results remind me of the story of Chicken Little.

“The sky is falling - the sky is falling,” you would think that the red rooster, Donald Trump, had knocked over the hen house.

Henny Penny, Chicky Licky, Ducky Lucky, and Turkey Lurkey are in search of a safe space, designing picket signs, and seeking therapy due to chaos and stress.

If Democrats channel their negative irrational emotions into positive actions, there would be no need for counseling for their self defeating, and self inflicted behaviors.

Carol Montpetit

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Carol makes a point, but she

Carol makes a point, but she does it condescendingly. Why be quick to judge anyone, including the President? NO one knows whether Trump will live up to the fears of the liberal partisans, or to the excitement of the conservative partisans. The risks are high, as are the possibilities. The stock market is telling us there is great optimism. This is good, but not a reason to insult those who are not managing their feelings (fear) very well. Both sides could learn a lot about loving their neighbor, and pulling together. It starts with letting go of our self-righteousness.