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Peninsula residents speak out

We’d like to share some thoughts from residents with more than a working knowledge about issues that were subjects of recent opinion pieces.

On a proposal from the Sheriff’s office to purchase a Great Lakes boat for law enforcement, captain Jim Munoz, the dean of county charter fishermen, wrote to Sheriff Mike Borkovich:

“Keep fighting the good fight for this boat. It is absolutely needed and is easily justified. Arrange a boat ride for those in opposition, on a snotty day, and watch their doubts disappear! None of you should risk your lives on ‘big blue’ on inadequate equipment. This is a big deal.”

Also, Lake Leelanau resident Rink Wheeler commented on regulating short-term rental units. He resides on north Lake Leelanau:

“Many of us are not independently wealthy or looking at ‘making a profit.’ We want to preserve our ‘little piece of heaven’ and pass it on to our kids. Unfortunately, they also are not independently wealthy, just working class Americans, raising and educating kids. They and now the grandkids call this their home. If our family did not rent out the property just to cover out of pocket expenses, more than likely it will be necessary for them to sell their ‘home.’ Which would be very sad.”

We also welcome letters to the editor on these and other topics of interest to the Leelanau Peninsula.

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