2017-03-09 / Letters

20-mile trail too long

To the editor:

The dedicated bicyclists ride on the bike paths on the road. The casual biker uses the SBHT.

A 20-mile trail is a long trail for the casual rider.

I see no reason to spend the money, disturb the environment, and change the character of some areas to make a longer trail.

Jeanine Dean
S. Dune Hwy

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I own Duneswood Resort,

I own Duneswood Resort, located on the bike trail 1/2 mile south of the Dune Climb. My guests love the trail! Many ride the entire length and others just go to the Dune Climb and back. Many repeat guests come back each year to ride the new segments and I have heard nothing but rave reviews from them. Even the bike tour groups I get ride the trail and not on the shoulder of the road. Debbie

A dedicated biker uses the

A dedicated biker uses the road ? I don't recognize any evidence of of this assumption. Every kind of biker needs safety and the added beauty and serenity of the path really is wonderful Advising others is unacceptable.

Our whole family (Mom, Dad, 3

Our whole family (Mom, Dad, 3 kids ages 6, 9, and 12) rode from the trail's beginning in Empire all the way to Port Oneida and back last summer. The total trip was 37 miles and included stops in Glen Arbor, Glen Haven, and a few hours at a Port Oneida beach. The kids LOVED our all day adventure. We are excited for the trail expansion, especially further to the south where we reside. Just because one person doesn't want to participate in the full trail experience has no relation to others usage and enjoyment. Last I checked, the environment is thriving around these areas where the Heritage Trail is placed. This is mostly because of the opportunity to slow down, appreciate the incredible natural beauty, and safely enjoy it away from the busy highways. Please keep adding to the trail!

Leelanau County can use more

Leelanau County can use more safe bike trails. Not only do longer trails provide more points of access for shorter rides, they make it possible to ride to a further destination for a purpose. Motorized vehicles like cars and trucks have been subsidized by taxpayers for over a hundred years. Give those using non-polluting pedal power a few more options. Many car drivers don't share the road safely. Cyclists deserve a few more safe spaces to get where they are going. Bike lanes along roads would help too!

Just because a trail is 20

Just because a trail is 20 miles long doesn't mean someone needs to ride the whole thing. A longer trail provides more access points for people to ride the segments they want. An example is interstate I-75 that runs from Sault Ste. Marie to Miami. How often do people drive the whole thing?