2017-03-16 / Letters

Dems want control back; going to extremes to get it

To the editor:

The Democrats have declared war on the person we elected to lead our country. They have no respect for our constitutional process or its outcome. Instead, there is a movement underway to systematically undermine and destroy our president and his cabinet. It is a toxic environment we are in and it goes beyond anything we have seen in modern American history.

While the left congers up fake allegations of Trump colluding with Russia, which there has been zero proof of, we are learning of possible eavesdropping on a presidential candidate by the outgoing administration. We are learning through Wikileaks that our own intelligence community has been spying on our citizens without warrants while Obama was still president. We already know Obama’s justice department used the IRS as a political weapon against Conservatives.

The guns of Obama’s shadow government have emerged in the form of coordinated attacks based on bogus allegations or information gleaned from politically motivated wiretaps. One New York Times reporter stated the info on National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was from a wiretap.

It is the intention of this group to disrupt and destroy Donald Trump wherever possible; the welfare of America be damned. They want the people’s voice silenced. They want their control back.

If this is a sign of where we were headed had the Democrats won, every American should thank God they failed. We must see this movement for what it is: a toxic and malignant growth, sucking the life blood of American freedom.

Jim Miller
Omena Point Rd.

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