2017-03-16 / Letters

Internet comes with responsibility; check the facts

To the editor:

Many thanks to Patti Brandt Burgess for her column about fake ‘cyber’ facts. What a perfect, simple and local example of the distortion that occurs when people pass on—and exaggerate—stories. An SUV passing someone on the road becomes an attempted “human trafficking abduction” and elicits a warning that women should carry firearms! While this particular example seems harmless, nevertheless, it may have caused some people who believed it unnecessary fear. Other examples are more harmful and purposeful and often come from purported news sources known to print lies. These stories are intended to damage people’s reputations and influence decisions important to the future of our country. Please do not pass on stories unless you personally know them to be true. Check more than one source. There are sites on the internet to check for hoaxes as well.

While the plethora of information available on the internet is a boon to learning, with it comes the responsibility to sort fact from fiction.

Karen Mulvahill
PO Box 40

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