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Spend part of Saturday meeting your neighbors

Eight townships with a combined population of about 10,600 Leelanau County residents plan to hold annual meetings over the next two Saturdays.

If you are one of those residents, you’re invited.

If new to Leelanau County, you just may find annual meetings to be an interesting way to spend a few hours and to meet your neighbors.

And you don’t need to be a CPA or a policy wonk to make an impact, even though discussions about budgets and projects that they fund will take up much of the meetings.

We’ve observed that attendance is always sparse enough that common voices are heard. In fact, it’s often the new face with fresh thoughts that draws attention.

You may be asked to vote with a show of hand whether you favor or oppose salary increases proposed by elected officials. Vote your conscience. Most are deserved; some aren’t.

Annual meetings will be held Saturday at Glen Arbor, Kasson, Leland and Solon township halls. They are scheduled for Saturday, March 25, in Centerville, Cleveland, Empire and Leelanau townships. All begin at 10 a.m.

Three townships either don’t hold annual meetings or schedule them for a different date. They are Elmwood, Bingham and Suttons Bay townships.

Our predecessor, publisher Richard C. Kerr, was a big proponent of annual meetings. Twenty-five years ago he wrote:

“You don’t have to be bearing a grudge or carrying a torch to attend your annual meeting: you can be wearing blue jeans or dress blues. But you will learn a few things, and perhaps take part in the discussion of various matters. Even if you only show up and listen, you’ll be contributing: by being there and taking an interest.”

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