2017-03-23 / Courts

Judge puts bank robbery trial on hold

The trial of the accused bank robber William F. Minore is on hold until a state appeals court decides whether to hear his case regarding how much evidence from similar bank robberies committed in Lake Ann can be admitted.

Thirteenth Circuit Court Judge Thomas G. Power agreed to adjourn the trial after a motion was filed by William G. Burdette, Minore’s courtappointed attorney.

Burdette had said he needed more time to prepare.

Minore, 69, is charged with armed robbery, unlawful driving away of an automobile and felony firearm in connection with the Sept. 7 robbery of the Empire Huntington Bank.

Leelanau County Prosecutor Joseph T. Hubbell believes Minore was involved in two robberies of Honor State Bank in Lake Ann in April and December 2015.

Last month Power granted a motion to allow Hubbell to admit into evidence four diversionary 9-1-1 calls allegedly made by Minore in the two Benzie cases.

Minore is appealing the decision. His trial has been adjourned until the Appeals Court decides whether to take the case.

Hubbell said the phone calls are very similar to two diversionary calls they also believe Minore made in the Empire case falsely reporting a school shooting in Glen Arbor and a bank robbery in progress in Lake Ann.

Witnesses have identified the voice in those calls as Minore’s, and Hubbell had planned to have them testify at the trial.

The trial was set to begin last week and is now on hold until the appeals court makes its decision.

Minore has been in the Leelanau County Jail on a $1 million cash/ surety bond since his arrest in September.

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