2017-03-23 / Leelanau Log

Construction Code Authority Building permits issued

Village of Empire

Douglas McClure and Erin Attwood (Self) Construct interior alteration to single family dwelling; main floor and second floor; removal of vermiculite insulation, old drywall, paneling, plaster and lathe, old electrical and some galvanized plumping, new insulation, electrical, heating ducks, drywall, addition of one French door and rebuild staircase at 11775 S. Lake Street ($50,400).

Centerville Township

William H. Stephenson Jr. (Ralph A. Korson Building Contractor) Construct residential alteration of post frame building – lower level, upper level, change of use to a single family dwelling at 5307 S. Lake Shore Drive ($103,680).

Cleveland Township

Gerben Living Trust (Seeco Contracting Corporation) Construct residential alteration to a single family dwelling, wood frame, 1.5 story, finish basement at 458 W. Harbour Ridge ($91,305).

Empire Township

Nick and Erin Kamenoff (Self) Construct single family dwelling, two story wood frame with 1141 sq ft slab, main floor, second floor and covered porch at 10619 S. Fredrickson Road ($166,530).

Glen Arbor Township

Ronald G. and Jane Caldwell (Joel S. Diotte) Construct commercial/ residential interior alterations – main floor bathroom and finished attic storage at 2 Beach Walk 2 ($14,748).

Robert Ihme (Self) Construct residential alterations: Interior – main floor including re-roof at 5990 Maintou Blvd ($6,780).

Dolly Shiina Niles Trust (Baldwin Homes Inc) Construct commercial/ residential – interior kitchen alteration and install Light-Crete floor product for fire separation to lower unit at 13 Great Lakes ($44,805).

Charles G. and Reyna Colombo ( Duensing Construction Management Co) Construct residential add/alteration – Addition: main floor, covered porch; Alteration: main floor at 7143 W. Arbor Pines Drive ($127,905).

David A. and Jennifer W. Keil (Blue Bay Builders LLC) Construct residential detached garage - unfinished main floor, finished second floor studio at 6252 W. Lake Wood Drive ($26,180).

Leland Township

Kenneth R. and Amber Alsip (William Wright) Construct commercial alteration – one story, wood frame, handicap restroom; Alteration – main floor at 110 W. River Street ($10,427).

Robert D. and Eve A. Kerr (Self) Construct residential add/alteration to an existing single family dwelling, one story, wood frame: Addition: entry/slab on grade. Alteration: remove existing deck and rebuild and expand deck at 445 N. Twin Pine Drive ($18,040).

Frank Bogun Trust (Golden Rule Construction LLC) Construct single family dwelling, two story wood frame with unfinished and finished basement, main floor, second floor, patio, deck, attached garage with interior finished and stair retaining wall 42 lineal feet at 1051 N. Leland Estates Drive ($325,860).

Landry Einhorn Trust (Self) Construct residential interior alteration to existing single family dwelling, one story, wood frame at 6991 E. Alpers Road ($36,900).

Solon Township

Gregory W. and Kathleen A. Becker (Svec Builder, LLC) Construct residential deck demolition and replacement, wood framed and steps at 9413 S. Cedar Road ($2,820).

Suttons Bay Township

Craig L. Wright and Jason A. Metcalf (Svec Builder, LLC) Construct single family alteration to finish basement for living at 2345 N. West Bay Shore Drive ($24,750).

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