2017-03-23 / Local News

100 fire alarms donated

A Leelanau Township man has donated 100 fire alarms to be distributed freeof charge to township residents.

Kevin Cult, who is building a home near Omena, has donated the fire alarms to the Leelanau Township Fire Department.

The donation comes about a month after two Northport residents were killed in a house fire.

Shirley Devrou, 73, and Willie Jones, 43, were killed in a Feb. 11 fire that consumed Devrou’s home at 838 N. Mill St. The home was directly across the street from the Leelanau Township fire hall.

Officials were initially hesitant to list Devrou and Jones as victims of the fire pending the results of an autopsy. However, their death certificates have now been filed with the county Clerk’s office.

The remains of the Devrou and Jones were found in their bedrooms. Both were alive at the time of the fire as autopsies detected smoke in their lungs, Sheriff Mike Borkovich said.

Were there operable smoke detectors in the home at the time of the fire?

“We’ll never know,” fire Chief Hugh Cook said. “If they were there, they melted. But had there been smoke detectors, they would have heard the racket.”

The Michigan State Police fire marshal’s office was in Northport last month investigating the cause of the fire. However, no report has been release

The donated fire detectors, with an estimated collective value of $2,500 to $3,000, are available to Leelanau Township residents and are limited to three per family.

“I’ve already given out 15,” Cook said.

Further information about securing an alarm is available by calling 386-5343.

— by Amy Hubbell

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