2017-03-30 / Leelanau Log

Real estate transfers recorded in county

March 17

Petra Peppellashi to herself, Section 2, Bingham Township.

Herbert A. Thomas and Diane Thomas to the Thomas Living Trust, Section 11, Leland Township; Section 17, Leelanau Township.

Robert E. Vermeulen to John R. Lutchko, Daniel A. Lutchko, Christian D. Vermeulen and Darby M. Vermeulen, Lot 6, Billman’s Beach Resort, Section 35, Centerville Township.

Steven G. Lewis and Linda S. Lewis, trustees of the Steven G. Lewis Declaration of Trust and the Linda S. Lewis Declaration of Trust, to Steven G. Lewis and Linda S. Lewis, Section 24, Village of Empire.

Steven G. Lewis and Linda S. Lewis to themselves as trustees of the Steven G. Lewis and Linda S. Lewis Joint Declaration of Trust, Section 24, Village of Empire.

Jeffrey A. Nielson, trustee of the Walter H. Nielson Trust, to Cathy Prieto-Smith, Section 13, Bingham Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Lisa C. Antal to Mark R. Dancer and Nancy R. Dancer, Section 13, Elmwood Township, (360,000).

Maude A. Babington and Heidi E. Weckwert to Roderick A. Lertola and Denise A. Lertola, Section 18 and 19, Leelanau Township, ($115,000).

Roderick A. Lertola and Denise A. Lertola to themselves as trustees of the Roderick A. Lertola Living Trust, Section 18 and 19, Leelanau Township.

March 20

Blue Chip Log Homes Company Inc. to JD Leelanau LLC, Section 27, Kasson Township. mBank to Diane S. Bassett, Lot 41, Hillview Subdivision, Elmwood Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Nathan Havey and Cari Simon to Tyler Merz and Alison Dilts, Section 25, Suttons Bay Township, (valuation affi- davit filed).

Matthew R. Schwarz and Barbara L. Schwarz to Dennis L Philips as trusttee of the Revocable Living Trust of Dennis L. Philips, Section 18, Elmwood Township, ($226,400).

Vanderwall Family LLC to Cynthia Vanderwall, Unit 15, Vantage Pointe, Glen Arbor Township.

Timothy L. Norman and Holly L. Norman to themselves as trustees of the Norman Family Trust, Lots 51, 52, 53, Cherry Home Shores, Leelanau Township.

Patricia G. Yearn to Tim M. Waters and Jeannie Waters, Unit 7, Provemont Pines, Leland Township, (valuation affi- davit filed).

March 21

Robert L. Stephenson and Paula N. Stephenson to Red Lion Inn, Lot 12, Leelanau Terrace, Section 15, Bingham Township ($1,400,000).

Casey R. Conn to himself and Kate M. Lewis, Lot 10, Harbor Hills West, Section 29, Elmwood Township.

March 22

Phillip E. Hendges and Catharine A. Hendges to Phillip A. Hendges and Christine M. Bartels, Section 1, Elmwood Township.

Ashleigh F. Wiater to Patrick J. Wiater, Section 11, Empire Township.

Patrick Wiater and Ashleigh F. Wiater to the Patrick J. Wiater Family Investment Trust, Section 11, Empire Township.

Penny Concannon to herself and to Rachel Concannon, Joshua Concannon, Patrick Concannon, Section 10, Leland Township.

Crain Hill LLC to Brian J. Schell and Melody B. Schell, Unit 3, Sapphire Shores, Elmwood Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Curtis B. Schreiber and Martha M. Schreiber to John Albright and Anne Albright, Lot 34, Skippers Wood No. 2, Glen Arbor Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Lynn J. Schaub and Joan Schaub to Laura Judd, Section 10, Bingham Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Ingrid A. Santee, trustee of the Jacqueline B. Hunter 2003 Revocable Trust to herself, Section 5, Elmwood Towship.

March 23

Richard A. Smith and Mary Ann Smith to themselves as trustees of the Smith Revocable Trust, Section 26, Solon Township.

Jeffery Zawisza and Melissa Zawisza to themselves as trustees of the Jeffery A. Zawisza and Melissa Zawisza Trust, Section 29, Bingham Township.

David L. Pruis as representative of the estate of John J. Pruis to Angela R. Pruis, Section 11, Cleveland Township.

Joshua B. Miller and Sarah J. Miller to themselves, Section 2, Kasson Township.

Jean Joy Ross and Scott R. Ross as trustees of the Raymond S. Ross Trust Agreement to Jean Jay Ross, Section 29, Elmwood Township.

Jean Joy Ross to the Jean Joy Ross Trust Agreement, Section 29, Elmwood Township.

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