2017-03-30 / Letters

GOP sought to destroy Obama

To the editor:

I got such a chuckle out of letterwriter Miller’s statement that Democrats are trying to undermine and destroy our president and his cabinet, “beyond anything we have seen in modern American history.” Perhaps he’s forgotten how the Republicans decided almost as soon as President Obama was in office to “undermine and destroy” him, even insisting he wasn’t an American. Or how they refused to even hold hearings on his supreme court nominee, waiting for a new batch of voters because apparently previous voters didn’t deserve consideration. Mr. Miller is quite the little rascal.

Debbie Wawrzyniak
N Apple Tree Dr.
Suttons Bay

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Ms. Wawrzyniak, I am afraid

Ms. Wawrzyniak, I am afraid we are wasting our energy; it seems Republicans cannot read and learn. All they can do is watch FOX News and drool.