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Proposed health care replacement really a tax break

To the editor:

The folks in the First District are honest, hard-working, enjoy an outdoor life in a beautiful area and don’t like being lied to. We were told if you voted for Trump then there would be health care for everyone and at a lower cost. However, AHCA’s real purpose is a multi-billion tax cut to the wealthiest 1 and 2 percent at the expense of health care for the less fortunate. How many of the wealthiest 1 and 2 percent live in your area? Why do the millionaires need a tax cut and not you? This bill is designed to benefit wealthy folks living outside the first district and to transfer healthcare cost to us.

The people living in rural areas on expanded Medicaid/ACA and people with lower incomes suffer most under AHCA. Medicaid will be cut $880 billion over ten years. The many organizations against AHCA include AARP and AMA. Why would Bergman vote for a bill that harms his constituents? We have been lied to by a huckster and our so-called representative lacks the courage to vote against AHCA. Why not just improve ACA?

Campbell McLeod
N. High St.

Editor’s note: The AHCA stands for the American Health Care Act, which was proposed by Republicans to replace the Affordable Care Act. The AHCA was withdrawn by GOP legislative leaders before a vote was taken by the full House of Representatives.

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Because Bergman, like most

Because Bergman, like most Republicans, is just another "Dark-hearted" Republican. All they care about is lining their own pockets and that of the rich. Period. Case closed.