2017-04-06 / Leelanau Log

Real estate transfers recorded in county

March 24

Kathleen A. Mastiglio to Victor Mastiglio, Unit 3, Harbor West Marina Village, Elmwood Township.

Alison R. Dilts to Marjorie A. Roslund, Section 34, Leelanau Township, ($75,000).

Marjorie A. Roslund to the Marjorie A. Roslund Trust, Section 34, Leelanau Township.

Dannielle J. McGuire to Daniel and Erica Mastromonaco, Section 9, Elmwood Township, ($295,000).

John M. Kasben to William E. Kasben, Section 19, Solon Township, ($5,400).

John M. Kasben to William E. Kasben, Section 13, Kasson Township.

William E. Kasben to John M. Kasben, Section 12, Kasson Township.

Kathleen A. Kushner to Edward C. Reynolds Jr. and Barbara J. Hooberman, Lot 21, Second Nagonaba Shores, Suttons Bay Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Edward C. Reynolds Jr. and Barbara J. Hooberman to 1073 Nanogosa LLC, Lot 28, Nabawnaga Shores No. 3, (valuation affidavit filed).

March 27

David C. Rupp and Susan E. Rupp to themselves as trustees of the David Christopher Rupp and Susan Elizabeth Rupp Living Trust; Section 27, Kasson Township.

Jonathan M. Wege and Marissa R. Wege to Chris Witham, Section 9, Elmwood Township, (valuation affi- davit filed).

Chris Witham to himself and Stephanie L. Witham, Section 9, Elmwood Township.

Robert J. Durant Jr. and Matthew D. Anhut to Julie Kuieck, Lots 2 and 4, Leland Township, (valuation affi- davit filed).

Samuel G. Jones and Joan Rizzolo to Lake Michigan Holdings LLC, Section 18, Empire Township, ($215,000).

Alan T. Davis and Michelle K. Davis to themselves and to the Alan and Michelle Davis Trust, Lot 5, Bartons Addition to the Village of Leland.

Renee M. Fineout and Cathy J. Babcock to themselves as trustees of the Fineout Babcock Trust Agreement, Section 24, Elmwood Township.

Diana Delbridge to herself and to the Zocher Family Trust, Section 16, Leland Township.

Emily A. Sweeney and Sean W. Sweeney to Sean W. Sweeney, Section 14, Cleveland Township.

March 28

Daniel J. Newton and Connie A. Newton to Kevin M. Trombley, Unit 1, Bay View Condominium, Suttons Bay Village, (valuation affidavit filed).

March 29

Vernon R. Hoffner Jr. and Nancy R. Hoffner, trustees of the Hoffner Family Living Trust, to themselves, Section 19, Leelanau Township.

James D. Stricker and Brenda A. Stricker to themselves as trustees of the Brenda A. Stricker Trust, Section 16, Centerville Township.

The John J. Henry Living Trust to Mario G. Ciccone, Section 16, Bingham Township, ($35,000).

March 30

Ellen L. Teisman to herself and William D. Teisman, Section 21, Suttons Bay Township.

John A. Gallagher III, as chair of the Leelanau County Land Bank Authority to Frederick Hawley, Section 26, Suttons Bay Township, ($1,500).

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