2017-04-06 / Letters

Call Pat Herman for tractor help

To the Editor

I would like to recognize the contribution of Pat Herman. When Jim Flohe died, I thought this would be the end of farming for me. However, I discovered that there was a business no more than 3 ½ miles away from my farm. This service was Herman’s mobile service. I have worked with Pat for a number of years since then. With his service to assistants, he has become the go-to guy for almost any repair job regarding autos, tractors, and almost anything mechanical. The other day, I said that my Branson tractor with a post hole digger attached was not working. Immediately Pat came out and tried it out. Long story short, it was working. He said “You’re just too impatient Ed, the ground is frozen.”

So if you are need of an excellent tractor, or repairs to any tractor particularly Case, I highly recommend you contact him at 231-642-6171. In an age when people who are in business delay their response for days, you will be pleasantly surprised with Pat Herman.

Ed Hahnenberg
South Leelanau Dr, Lake Leelanau

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