2017-04-06 / Letters

Congressman’s votes pile up against northern Michigan

To the editor:

Under the FCC rules, internet providers would need to obtain consumer consent before using precise geolocation, financial information, health information, children’s information and web browsing history for advertising and marketing. Sounds reasonable doesn’t it? Not to our representative, Jack Bergman. He voted to allow your internet provider to sell your personal information. They don’t need your permission now. Don’t worry about Russian hackers, they can just buy your information.

We were promised repeal and replace of our health care with better coverage, for less money and coverage for everyone. The Congressional Budget Office determined the proposed health care coverage did not meet those goals. Jack Bergman supported that bill anyway. As a bonus, it included higher costs for most and a tax break for the wealthy. At least it never came to a vote.

Mr. Bergman voted to repeal the Stream Protection Act allowing industry to pollute waterways. There are promised cuts coming to many protections we rely on for the environment, our seniors, and education. Be aware of the votes of our representative. Please be aware of his positions in Washington. When he asks for your vote, remember his votes against northern Michigan.

Dennis Kent
S. West Bay Shore Dr
Traverse City,

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Remember folks, Bergman is

Remember folks, Bergman is from the part that falsely claims to want to get government out of people's lives. I have never heard a bigger lie in my entire life. Our privacy is for sale to the highest bidder.