2017-04-06 / Life in Leelanau

State tickets business for making storm repairs

Repairs to damage from the Aug. 2, 2015, storm have resulted in a Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) citation for a Glen Arbor business.

The Crystal River Corporation has been issued a violation notice from the DEQ after staffers “observed unauthorized activities” at the marina operation located on Fisher Road, just off Co. Rd. 675.

Specifically listed on the violation notice removal of an existing seawall and construction of a new seawall. Boaters at the business travel down the Crystal River to Fisher Lake and then big Glen Lake.

“I was making repairs to keep the building from falling down,” said business owner Don Lewis. “I didn’t think I needed a permit to fix what was there.”

Part 301 of Inland Lakes and Streams, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act prohibits the dredging of material from the bottomland and construction of a structure on the bottomland of an inland lake or stream, without first obtaining a permit from the DEQ.

Lewis said the work was done over the course of several months last year. The citation was issued Jan. 31.

“I did things to stabilize the wall and replace rotted material. I picked away at it when I had the time and cash to pay for it,” he said.

Lewis responded to the violation notice with information showing what he did and why. His response also included drawings for and pictures of the work, the names of the contractors who did the work

“As far as I know, it’s now in their camp,” Lewis said.

A request for comment from the DEQ was turned down.

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