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Good luck, housing group

Leelanau County needs a success story on the affordable housing front.

A story that unites rather than divides.

County government is accepting applications for the latest effort, a “Housing Action Committee.” We’re hopeful that at least some people apply who are new to the discussion — and new to government — and therefore might offer some new ideas.

So far there hasn’t been an easy answer. Housing prices are controlled by markets and local zoning is often controlled by folks overly consumed with creating a more perfect world.

An affordable housing neighborhood would be anything but. Affordable housing thrives in yards with tipped-over tricycles, rusty trucks with popped-up hoods, and back-yard games of bocce ball (hopefully) landing a safe distance from the grill.

Sounds lovely. Really.

Call 256-9812 to apply. We wish the committee success.

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