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April 12, 2012

Suttons Bay Public Schools will not release students to school districts that don’t abide by the Intermediate School District’s Schools of Choice (SOC) policy. While no other districts were mentioned by name, the decision was clearly pointed at the busing practices of Leland Public School.

* * *

The best and the worst counties in the region for population growth turn out to be neighbors. Leelanau County’s population sunk to its lowest level since the 2000 Census, according to figures released this week, while Grand Traverse County grew by the quickest pace in the state. Grand Traverse gained 1,363 people — growing at a 1.57 percent clip to 87,033.

* * *

The names of those who will lead the largest government organization in Leelanau County and control the biggest single source of jobs in the county became a little shorter last week — we think. With fewer than 1,000 members of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians heading to the polls last Thursday for the tribe’s biannual Primary Election, electors narrowed down a field of five candidates for the Tribal Chairman’s seat to two candidates.

April 12, 2007

Officials in Empire worried about an executive order essentially stopping payment on funds to improve the municipal beach area can breathe a collective sigh of relief. The grant will be honored, pledges the chair of the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund, since it is constitutionally protected. Empire Village was awarded a $481,200 grant for its beach project. Planned are new restroom facilities, a redesigned parking area, a new basketball court and retaining wall.

* * *

Visitors to Northport will now have a place to call their own. The Northport Village Council, in conjunction with the Leelanau Township Chamber of Commerce and other organizations, will open a “visitors center” this summer in the former Sesquicentennial exhibition hall, which was last occupied in 1999. The building is located at the corner of Second and Rose streets, adjacent to Haserot Park.

* * *

Cherry growers are keeping their fingers crossed hoping the cherry crop hasn’t been damaged by big temperature swings. Highs in the 60s at the beginning of the month hastened the development of the cherry crop, which approached “bud swell” stage. Damage may have resulted following the more than 40-degree drops in temperatures, but the impact’s extent is not yet known.

April 15, 1982

Early Leelanau County settlers could have had no idea when they floated logs down Lake Leelanau to a sawmill in Leland that they were providing legal basis for federal jurisdiction of the entire 171/2 mile-long lake. As navigable waterways, the areas would be subject to federal jurisdiction.

* * * A zoning enforcement issue which has been in Circuit Court twice – erupted Tuesday night into an angry discussion between Cleveland Township residents and the Township Board. At issue was whether a township resident can continue to sell antiques at her residentially-zoned home, the effect of a court order handed down April 5 and how much of a $300 check received by the township should be returned.

* * * The National Park Service has released a progress report of North Manitou Island’s deer herd which indicates an estimated 827 deer died because of winter conditions between 1977 and 1980.

April 11, 1957

Leelanau County postmasters, along with all others throughout the nation, this week received a postal bulletin outlining services which will be cut beginning Saturday if Congress does not grant an emergency $47 million appropriation for the post office department.

* * * Nearly $100 in cash and gifts have been presented by Northport merchants to James Douglas Harter, first baby to be born in Leelanau Memorial hospital at Northport. The baby, who arrived at 1:34 Sunday afternoon, is the seventh child for Mr. and Mrs. Jack Harter of Northport.

* * * For the first time in more than 18 months, a lifeboat is assigned to the Coast Guard station on South Manitou Island. The 36-footer, transferred from the Milwaukee station, was taken last week from group headquarters in Frankfort to South Manitou by the Chief Leo Norton.

April 8, 1897

Capt. Andres has informed us that he opened the station Thursday last on North Manitou Island.

* * *

We received pleasant calls last week from Supervisor S.C. Garthe, A. John, O.C. Ransom and Henry Scott of Northport.

* * *

Suttons Bay. E.R. Dailey and E.A. Voice of Empire were in town last week. Mr. John Cadham and family and Jacob Rufli and wife attended the wedding of Mrs. Rufli’s brother at Leland. Mrs. W.M. Payne is planning a visit to friends in Ohio.

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