2017-04-13 / Letters

Every mother is a woman, never retires

To the editor:

When I was a young husband; I made the mistake of assuming that men and women played equal roles in a marriage. In my mind, at that time, the man had the job, and the woman stayed home, made babies, took care of the house, and did just about everything else.

Fifty three years of marriage later, I sit comfortably on my duff while my wife does most of the work, and is the central player in the lives of our kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. “Hey, honey. Will you bring a couple of cookies into the bedroom? I don’t want to get up and look for them myself!” After all, I worked for fifty-three years, eight hours per day. What more do you want, woman!

Every mother is a woman (and wife, and chauffeur, partner in bed, et al) but not every woman is automatically a mother. It takes lifetime of planning, keeping one’s mouth shut, and hard work to earn the designation of “mother.” Mothers never retire.

William E. Scott
Manor Wood Drive, N.
Traverse City

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