2017-04-13 / Letters

No need for ‘shiny’ boat, maintenance costs cited

To the editor:

“A boat is a hole in the water into which one pours money.” Funny, but sadly true. I should know, I own several. That the Sheriff Department can get a grant for 3/4 the purchase price of a big-water rescue boat is great. If they can get the Go Funds to pay for the rest, even better. Every boat owner knows, however, that the purchase price of any vessel is just the beginning. The bigger the boat, the bigger the cost for maintenance, docking, storage, and repairs, AND fuel consumption. Boats like this consume in Gallons Per Mile, not the other way around. The hourly cost to operate such a boat is astronomical. What is the cost of additional crew training for this boat? Though we never want to put a price on the value of a human life, this boat most likely would not have prevented a single drowning that has occurred on the big lake in as many years as I can remember. Most have happened in shallow water or way too far out for timely response. We also have to ask, isn’t the role of the Sheriff Department primarily law enforcement? Are there illegal shipments of cheese coming into Leland from Wisconsin? Homeland Security apparently wants us to have this boat to prevent ISIS from coming down from the Soo. “The only difference between men and boys is the size of their shoes and the price of their toys.” Maybe it’s time to realize we can’t have every shiny new thing we desire. No disrespect to the Sheriff or the boys in brown, I just have an honest disagreement with them about the cost/benefit of this project.

Will Harper
Mill Street

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Will is right about this,

Will is right about this, The state or county can't afford to be the local TSA

Isn't it the folks from

Isn't it the folks from Northporth that want the rest of us to help them out of their sewer mess? Perhaps Harper should worry about that more than the boat.