2017-04-13 / Letters

Questions number of jobs created by Trump’s order

To the editor

What with the “whirl-wind” that blows from the Oval Office these days, one could ask what is the difference between a “New York minute and a President Trump Executive Order signing ?” Not much.

However, it could just be, the latter needs a pause for fact checking concerning the signing of the Keystone X L completion and the credit he is boasting about - initiating the U. S. use requirements of pipe-line steel. He said no one else had thought about that.

According to Money.CNN March 7, 2017 the Trump “Buy American,” rule did not apply because the way the rule was written applied to new construction. Since the line was near completion and the pipe used was on hand there was no way to go back.

Trans Canada had already purchased one half of the requirements needed from the Arkansas mill owned and operated by the Indian based Welspun Company; an additional 10% from India and the rest from Canada and Italy.

As far as the thousands of jobs created, Trans Canada estimates after construction, only 35 full time jobs will be required for operations. Enough said.

Thomas E. Hagan
W. Woods Dr.

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