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Money with no place to go

Readers may recall our hesitation in supporting proposed library millages in Leland and Suttons Bay townships, as we opined that most of the increases would be swallowed up in their general funds with no discernible benefit for residents.

Well, guess what’s happening.

Voters who love their libraries of course voted for the new millages. Previously, the libraries were supported through property taxes collected by Leland, Suttons Bay and Bingham townships.

After the election Leland and Suttons Bay townships continued levying millage rates that included funds that previously supported libraries.

The Suttons Bay Township Board is placing funds normally transferred to the Suttons Bay-Bingham District Library in the final quarter of its fiscal year into a “technology” fund. Some $16,615 had accumulated, apparently with no place to go.

The story was similar in Leland Township, where township supervisor Susan Och suggested the windfall could be used for sidewalks.

Our appreciation remains with Bingham Township, whose Township Board committed before the election to reduce taxes to its residents by the .3 mill that it had been collecting for the library. Township officials in Suttons Bay and Leland provided no plans prior to the election for their new-found funds, and apparently still have none.

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