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Life OK without Internet service

Phone 334-4486

I have to catch up. We had been gone for almost four weeks and I had written the Glen Lake Area News and submitted it every week. However, it appears that we were in an Internetfree zone and nothing went out.

Not that it’s bad to not have Internet, we still had phone service but were unable to send out the column with the phone. I was amazed as an electronic genius. My granddaughters laugh at me because my phone is just one step up from a flip phone, but it works for my use.

* * *

Not much going on this time of year but the springtime sounds of hammers, leaf blowers cleaning the yards and roads, the general spring cleaning. Getting ready for the fudge season. Don’t get me wrong not a bad thing, they pay a lot of bills.

* * *

Glen Arbor Artists Association will present Fleda Brown on May 7 at the Leelanau School from 2-3 p.m. It will entail a wide-ranging conversation about the craft of writing, Brown is the former Poet Laureate of Delaware College (2001 – 2006). She taught for many years at the University and teaches in The Rainier Writing Workshop, Pacific Lutheran University’s Low Residency MFA program.

* * *

I have said it before but I think many of our residents take Leelanau County and primarily the Glen Arbor, Empire area for granted. But when you go to a different area which is very nice with its own beauty, you tend to appreciate the wonder of this area when you return. We have been to both oceans, East and West, the Rockies, the Smokies, and North and South. In my opinion we live in an area that is second to none.

However it was nice to be in sunny 80 degree weather.

* * *

I have to catch up on birthdays, etc.:

Happy Birthday wishes to the captains Bob Smith and Wes Smith, Leigh Payment, Dianna Sheridan, Tom Rose, Monte Basch, Bucky Noonan, Amy Ellison, Ron Fornowski, Christine Neiswonger, Fred Schubert and Sylvia Jones.

Happy Anniversary wishes to Lynn and Jim Becker and to Karen and John Soderholm.

* * *

I’m writing this on income tax day. As they say in the South, I hope y’all did well.

* * *

Go Hawks.

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