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April 19, 2012

A group of property owners living along Traverse Lake Road in Cleveland Township want the nearly three-mile stretch declared a Natural Beauty Road (NBR), a designation they hope will prevent a paved $1.8 million walking trail from being constructed for the area.

* * *

The Cedar-Maple City Lions Club has stepped up to help a county student with autism. The club has pledged $5,000 to help Valerie Brinks get additional language tutoring for her son PJ, who has high functioning autism.

* * *

The three men who want to become the next Leelanau County sheriff collectively have spent about 90 years in law enforcement. All three Republicans want to stay in the business for at least four more years. In what appears to be the most competitive local race in the Aug. 7 Primary Election, candidates Del Moore, Mark Walter and Mike Borkovich have already thrown hats in the ring with nearly a month to go before the deadline to appear on the Primary ticket.

April 19, 2007

Michael Grosvenor has watched the entrance to the Leland Harbor fill with sand, and his fears are being shared by others who worry that boats’ access to the marina may be severely limited. This year a lack of federal funding for dredging the harbor entrance may result in larger boats not being able to access Leland.

* * *

Sweet cherries appear to have taken the brunt of the return of winter. But the extent to which all fruit crops have been impacted may not be known for weeks. Former county extension director Jim Bardenhagen said “We have some damage, but not to the extent that they’ve seen in southwest Michigan.”

* * *

Several Pathfinder school supporters stepped forward earlier this year when Interlochen Center for the Arts announced that it would close Pathfinder at the end of the current school year. Parents who were resolved to continue offering a Pathfinder education without support from Interlochen organized, and developed a business plan in a bid to keep the school open.

April 22, 1982

The Michigan Supreme Court has ordered the appeal of Leelanau County’s reapportionment “held in abayance” pending the settling of two other apportionment lawsuits. Specifically, the court delayed a decision on whether it will hear Leelanau’s apportionment appeal until the apportionment cases of Wayne and Ingham counties are resolved.

* * * Parents of Indian children will join the Suttons Bay Board of Education’s curriculum committee to include race relations and Indian heritage in the school’s teaching in an attempt to ease recent racial tensions in the school.

* * * Empire village and township are moving closer to helping fund a “primitive” campground on the 160- acres containing the Empire Airport. The village council agreed Tuesday to match the township’s countribution toward a $2,500 donation requested by the airport authority.

April 18, 1957

The Leelanau County board of supervisors ended an unusually long April session Monday after having equalized the total value of real estate and personal property in this county at $14,357,655 and set a tentative budget for next year of $174,455.

* * * Conservation officers report that smelt dipping may get under way to some extent this weekend in Leelanau if weather continues favorable. No activity in any of the streams has been reported yet, but commercial fishermen in Northport still are reporting good catches in bait nets.

* * * Naval reserve training ships, again on maneuvers in Lake Michigan off Leelanau County, will conduct air and surface gunnery practice April 24 and 25 and again May 8-9.

April 15, 1897

The steam barge Susie Chapman took part in a load of wood at Watts pier and went to Good Harbor yesterday to finish.

* * *

Mike Oberline and L.J. Grobben are offering $3.25 per cord for hemlock bark at any point on carp lake. They want 1,000 cords.

* * *

Suttons Bay post office has been made an international money order office. The system went into effect on the 5th inst., it will be a great convenience in this locality. Foreign orders can therefore be paid or issued at that office.

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