2017-04-20 / Leelanau Log

Soil Erosion Permits

Bingham Township

Joseph Buckmaster – (Innovative Contracting) Excavation for home, garage, driveway, deck and septic system at 10019 E. Pallisades Ln ($125).

Centerville Township

Doris Sleder Trust – (Meyer Construction) Phase I: Excavation for a 20x20 area of sand at water edge, and a footing drain for the house and footings for posts for deck roof; Phase II: Excavation for a pole building at 6967 S. Glazier Beach Rd. ($125).

Elmwood Township

Michael Rosso – (Earthworks Excavating) Excavation for a new residence, garage, decks, a patio and driveway at 10493 S. Monaco Way ($125).

William Crandall – (Savage Excavating) Excavation for a new home, driveway, septic system, garage and decks at 9323 Summerfield Dr. ($125).

Empire Township

Gary Becker Total Development – (Alpers Excavating) Phase I: Clearing and grubbing for additional camp sites, expanded utilities, access road; Phase II: Installation of utilities, drive roads, trailer pads, drives and hookups to complete construction of the site at 6760 W. Empire Hwy ($1300).

Glen Arbor Township

Karen Davidson Trust – (AJ’s Excavating) Excavation to remove stumps clean up debris, fill in holes, grade site and seed site at 6890 and 6850 S. Dunn Farm Road ($575).

Cherry Republic/Sue Skellenger – (Peninsula Pavers) Minor Excavation for ornamental rock placement at 6026 S. Lake Street ($90).

Steve Lomske – (Self) Excavation to fill per MDEQ permit and for house addition, deck and garage at 6663 Dune Highway ($120).

Leland Township

Steve Lindo – (Brian Zimmerman & Associates) Excavation for minor landscaping at 1356 N. Manitou Trail ($80).

Kyle Irwin Trust – (Biggs Construction SVC Inc.) Excavation for crawl space, garage, decks, driveway and covered porch at 208 S. Fourth Street ($125).

James Carter & Balongue – (Maple Hill Builders LLC) Excavation for a new 30x30 storage building at 410 Terrace Ct. ($125).

Neil Cory – (Maple Bill Builders LLC) Dig 9 Holes 20x30 for new posts for deck at 615 Lake Street ($80).

Suttons Bay Township

Pete Leabo – (Self) Excavation for a footing at 8210 E. Duck Lake Road ($250).

AT&T Midwest – (Self) Directional bore in MDOT R/W approximately 1200’ from E. Government Center Dr. west to existing fiber 10’ below bottom of creek at 8525 E. Government Center Drive ($175).

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