2017-04-20 / Letters

County Senior Services ran surplus under its former director

To the Editor,

Reading this weeks article in the Enterprise entitled “Senior Services Budget to Be Slashed,” left me with questions.

Rose Steffens was the director of the Commission on Aging for twenty-six years. It wasn’t just a job for her it was a passion. She loved her seniors.

She provided all those services to the seniors that are now going to be cut and yet managed to accrue a fund balance of well over $300,000.00. The department books were audited on a regular basis and there was never a problem until she asked for a raise, not for herself, but for her homemakers. She was told by her superior that she could not give them a raise but that she could have them charge mileage both ways to a client’s house instead of one.

The mistake she made was not getting that in writing.

She was treated like a common criminal after all her years of service. She should have been able to retire with honor and dignity. Instead she was forced to retire in shame and humiliation. My question is where did all the money go?

Not only are all the services being cut, but the surplus Rose’s department accrued is gone and they are now facing a $130,000.00 shortfall. Perhaps this county made a very bad decision when they forced out someone as honest and caring as Rose Steffens.

Charlotte Wurm
S. Maple City Road
Maple City

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