2017-04-20 / Letters

Heritage Trail safe for young families, so finish it up

To the editor:

I am in favor of completion of the Heritage Trail as planned. All of the way to Good Harbor Bay Trail 651.

The National Lakeshore does more than provide access to the Glen Arbor, Dune Climb and Pierce Stocking area. Users of the Trail do not need to complete the entire trail all at once. They can enjoy segments of the trail or just use a part over and over. Using the shoulder of M 22 may be safe and practical for experienced bicyclists but in no way is practical for a family with young children. Nor is it inviting for walkers and joggers or winter skiing. It would be nice for users at the north end of the park to have the ability for recreational use of a safe, first class trail that provides a safe venue for these activities.

I thank the National Park Service for the development of this trail and I urge them to complete it in its entirety.

Pat O’Rourke
E. Cherry Lane

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