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Snow contestants within one inch

Snow total similar to 2016
By Amy Hubbell
Of The Enterprise staff

Barring any significant frozen precipitation, it looks like winter 2016-17 will come in just short of last year, with no snow expected through the weekend.

That may or may not be good for two close entries in the Enterprise snowfall contest — depending upon whose guess comes in first.

As of presstime yesterday, the seasonal snowfall at the National Weather Service cooperative station in Maple City totaled 123.4 inches, a little over four inches below 2016-17.

With no snow in the forecast, it appears 24 entries are in the ballpark — between 120 and 129 inches. Of these, two are within a quarter inch of one another and appear to be closest to the expected final tally.

One is .1-inch off, the other .25-inch off.

High temperatures reached the low 70s earlier this week, putting memories of winter snow and cold in the rearview mirror.

The winter began with snowfall tallies of 44 and 42.4 inches in December 2016 and January 2017, respectively.

The ups and downs of a La Nina weather pattern resulted in moderate temperatures with more precipitation coming in liquid form versus solid.

In February snowfall dropped to just 16.8 inches and the March total dribbled in at 15.7 inches.

The last measurable snowfall in the county was recorded April 17 at .2 inch. Going back a full month, .4 inches was recorded at Maple City on March 19.

The most recent significant snow came on March 13 with 2.7 inches of snow. On March 1, 8.2 inches fell.

Some 378 entries were entered in the contest that began in October and concludes Sunday.

More than 165 inches — or 13.8 feet — separated the highest and lowest snowfall guesses.

The lowest guess was for an optimistic 83 inches and the highest prognostication was for 249 inches — still significantly less than the county record snowfall of 263.4 inches for the winter of 2013-14.

But the bulk of entries fell between 140 and 149 inches. A total of 64 guesses were made in that category.

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