2017-04-27 / Letters

BATA millage will help needy people

To the Editor:

I encourage voters to vote “Yes” May 2 on the BATA millage proposal. I acknowledge that many of us never ride the bus. BATA does, however, serve a great number of needy people who do not have the assets to own their own car or the ability to drive. We should gladly support this part of our community.

I myself ride the bus frequently, even though I do have a car, because it saves gas, pollution and money. I qualify for a reduced rate since I am over 60, so it costs me only $3 to ride roundtrip to anywhere in Traverse City. That 50-mile roundtrip for $3 saves me the cost of two gallons of gas and the wear on tires and saves our beautiful Leelanau atmosphere from gas emissions.

But again, the most important reason to pass this modest millage increase is to provide an essential service to those of our community who do not have an alternative. Please vote yes.

Matthew Posner
Putnam Rd.
Suttons Bay

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