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Omena trivia team fared well during season

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WILLIAM KRUSEL, age 9, placed third in the Scott Brow Fish Derby held Saturday in Northport. WILLIAM KRUSEL, age 9, placed third in the Scott Brow Fish Derby held Saturday in Northport. April flowers bring May showers — at least that’s the way it seems this year. Warm weather may not be winning yet, but Omena has lots of other winners.

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Congratulations to one Omena-based Team Trivia team for winning the regional championship last weekend. Many people in Leelanau County enjoy playing Team Trivia at various locations, including several Omena based teams. Those who play weekly or more often and have high average scores, have the opportunity to enter the regional and state finals after each 15 week session. The Alholes, McTrivia, and the AARPies, all of which usually play at the Knot Just a Bar – Omena qualified for the regionals. The session ending April 8 found the Alholes in first place out of 36 teams in the Leelanau and Traverse City Region with an average score of 70.8, and McTrivia in fourth place averaging 62.9. The three Omena based teams were highly challenged at the regional final held at the VI Grill in Suttons Bay last Saturday. They were all surprised, along with the other eight teams, at the diffi- culty of the questions for the finals. Needless to say, scores were much lower than during the season.

A number of teams had a chance to win the regional contest going into the final question, when betting up to 15 points is allowed. However, the Alholes came up with the correct final answer when most others could not, and had bet 15 points to win the hard fought, and very humbling, battle.

While Team Trivia has ended for the season at Knot Just a Bar, other locations in Leelanau County hosting Team Trivia games weekly include Little Traverse Inn, VI Grill, Bogeys at Leland Lodge, The Bluebird, and Tuckers of Northport.

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In the sporting arena, Omena’s William Krusel was the third place winner at last weekend’s Annual Scott Brow Fish Derby at the Mill Pond in Northport. Nine year-old Krusel caught a 14” rainbow trout. He and his brother Karl, who also participated in the event, released their catches into Bob and Mary Smart’s pond. The annual event is organized by the Northport Sportsmen’s Club, and is always a popular event.

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Les and Debby Disch are back from a week-long trip to Cincinnati where they visited with family and friends. They stayed with Debby’s aunt Alis Robinson, and saw some of the Robinson clan while they were there. They had a great visit with Rat and Bill Renz who had just recently moved into their new place, where they have a great view of a pond with geese and ducks and swans. They also got to see the two Renz daughtersin law, Tish and Laura. Omena seasonal residents Kanda and Harold McKee were among the friends that they enjoyed seeing while there.

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Les and Debby didn’t get to see Bill Renz, the Younger, who went to Seattle for the weekend for the annual get together with his brother-in-law Ron Dotzauer to watch the NFL draft. In yet another small-world story, Bill’s wife, Tish. had supplied him with some reading material for the trip, including the May 2017 issue of “All About Beer.” In that issue was an article about Brian and Amy Tennis’s Omena hops farm!

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Next Wednesday, May 10, starting at 6 p.m., Northport High School seniors will present their senior projects. The evening starts with introductions in the auditorium and then moves to the individual presentations. It’s always a very interesting and impressive evening.

Then, next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, May 11 – 13 is the NPS Drama Class presentation of “Sherlock Holmes and the Portal of Time.” The play starts at 7 p.m. in the Northport School Auditorium.

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Happy Birthday to Lynn Spitznagel Sutton, David Kalchik, Tyler Harris, Kim Armbruster, Claire Edgley, Adam Smart, Bruce Balas, and to Marcos Roman, who is 9. Happy Anniversary to Bill and Susan Krusel.

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