2017-05-04 / Leelanau Log

Construction Code Authority Building permits issued

Village of Northport

Haverberg Family LP (Daniel J. Scott) Construct commercial/ Residential re-roof of two story, wood frame building at 101 N. Mill Street ($6,500).

Village of Suttons Bay

Jimmie and Hatsuko Laforest (Black Bear Builders LLC) Construct residential alteration to existing single family dwelling kitchen and bedroom at 702 N. Josephs Street ($21,330).

Bingham Township

James W. and Virginia D. Schultz (Mission Bay Contracting and Renovation LLC) Residential demolition of existing single family dwelling only at 7476 S. West Bay Shore Drive ($1).

Lyle S. Lieberman (Joseph P. Francetic) Construct residential interior alterations, framed walls in unfinished basement, main floor, second floor and exterior deck at 6895 S. West Bay Shore Drive ($57,075).

Joe Buckmaster (Joseph P. Francetic) Construct single family dwelling, one story wood frame on unfinished basement, main floor, covered porch, deck and attached garage with interior finished at 10019 E. Palisades Lane ($292,740).

Elmwood Township

Meryl M. Marsh and Nayda P. Marsh (Ayers Basement Systems) Residential garage foundation wall repair, installing 7 horizontal helical wall anchor piers and 44 ft. of cutain drain at 7990 E. Fouch Road ($15,680).

Dennis L. Phillips Trust (SVEC Builder, LLC) Construct residential addition to an existing single family dwelling: covered porch/deck, gabled roof over garage doors. Also, re-roof house and siding at 8915 E. Fouch Road ($21,720).

Empire Township

Ronald L. Bishop (Self) Construct commercial storage S-2, unfinished at 12777 S. Benzonia Trail B36 ($68,004).

Glen Arbor Township

Elizabeth T. Edwards (Self) Construct commercial alteration for new Mercantile tenant – main floor at 5873 S. Lake Street ($39,674).

Sand Piper Condominium (ABSR Inc.) Construct commercial residential – 2 buildings including units 1-28 and 1-28-22 at Common Areas ($113,790).

Robert W., III and Joanna L. Rogers Trust (Self) Construct residential recreation pavilion, one story wood frame on slab 19’x25’ at 6292 S. White Pine Trail ($42,750).

KMW Property Management LLC (Cooley Contracting LLC) Construct commercial alterations; replacing front entry door and rear door only. Interior alterations by owners at 6610 W. Western Ave ($2,500).

Shoreside Condos (Complete Roofing and Repair LLC) Remove and Replace shingles to Unit #1, Unit #2, Unit #3, Unit #4 and two attached garage at Shoreside ($46,220).

Kasson Township

Zachary and Melanie Baker (Self) Construct single family dwelling (MRC) – Lancaster #5844LANA, wood frame, one story, unfinished basement, main floor and attached unfinished garage at 8302 S. Tremain Road ($147,905).

Robert S. Boles (Scott Lattimore) Construct residential conditioned interior alteration of existing post frame building: shop/storage, middle storage and end storage. Not to be used as living space at 3454 W. Baatz Road ($129,600).

Leelanau Township

John Raptis (Self) Construct residential addition to a single family dwelling – attached finished garage with finished living above and covered porch at 10811 E. Pobuda Road ($37,840).

Peter A. and Patricia A. Vandusen (ABSR Inc.) Construct residential alteration/repair, re-roof two story, wood frame building at 5351 N. Putnam Road ($10,985).

John and Ann Marie Mitchell (ABSR Inc.) Construct residential alteration/repair, re-roof two story, wood frame, frame house and detached garage at 5455 N. Putnam Road ($16,450).

Carol G. Berendsohn (Richard Parker builder LLC) Construct residential alteration – replace window and remove non-bearing wall to reconfigure closet area at 8566 N. West Bay Shore Drive ($6,750).

Leland Township

Robert S. Anderson (Self) Construct residential alterations; replacing six windows and siding on enclosed unconditioned attached porch at 102 W. Philip Street ($3,500).

St. Mary Church School (Maple Hill Builders LLC) Construct commercial deck repair – Use existing framing and replace with composite deck boards and composite handrail at 307 S. St. Mary Street ($6,500).

Joann K. Anders Trust (Easling Construction Company) Construct residential roof alterations; tear off and install new shingles and underlayment on house and detached garage, roof area at 6681 N. Omigisi Beach Road ($30,000).

Richard S. and Sue Z. Miller Trust (ABSR Inc.) Construct residential alteration/repair, re-roof two story, wood frame building at 750 S. Manitou Trail ($14,850).

S. Craig and Jane R. McMillan (Complete Roofing and Repair LLC) Remove and Replace shingles to single family dwelling at 38 N. Manitou Trail ($10,300).

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