2017-05-04 / Letters

Senior expenses far surpass jumps in social security

To the editor:

I wish I had a computer to compose this letter but had to give it up by constant increases in fees. Does anyone in the government take into consideration the senior citizens in Leelanau County who are living on social security? Or maybe I should say existing.

My health insurance went up, my taxes went up (property), my house and car insurance went up – Registration/ License. My heating and electric went up. My cable bill went up. My telephone bill went up. I’m already paying for three different 911 fees on my telephone bill supposedly to help people in rural areas to have computer access.

Now I get to pay for another 911 service in the county. My recycling fee went up. My grocery shopping is out of sight. Where does it end? My Social Security check has not increased in three years.

And now I’m supposed help buy a new boat and all maintenance expense that goes with it. You probably won’t print this letter but at least I’ve tried. Probably need to cancel the Enterprise too.

Mary Moore
S. Blue Ridge Lane
Elmwood Township

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