2017-05-04 / Letters

Trump should concentrate on American pollution

To the editor:

Trump stands firm on those who poison. Calling chemical attack on Syrian civilians an “affront to humanity,” Trump follows with rocket attack. Or does he?

Children, Trump’s EPA just greenlighted chlorpyrifos, a pesticide known to damage kids’ brains. Asbestos, denying 12,000 deaths a year, Trump claims asbestos is 100 percent safe. Chemicalls, Trump will no longer investigate chemical accidents. Drinking water, Trump proposes 30 percent decrease in grants monitoring public water systems.

Lead bullets, because they’re so essential in our daily lives, Interior secretary repeals ban on lead bullets. Pollution, former member of Trump’s EPA team suggests air pollution doesn’t kill people. Smog, White House won’t defend smog rules. Environment, Trump executive order reduces climate safeguards increasing pollution of our air, land and waters.

What a shame the president can’t apply the same moral and ethical principals to his legislative agenda as he did in his response to Syria. In his own words and by his own definition, Trump’s actions are an affront to humanity poisoning our citizens and placing America Last in so many crucial ways.

Joe DeFors
N. Shores Ct.

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