2017-05-04 / Letters

Walks for science fail to consider when life begins

To the Editor

Recently there were marches or walks for science. Science is necessary for our lives and life styles. Your life style is made possible by science being able to figure things out. Science figures things out; industry makes it work and available to you. You can find sciences’ involvement in almost everything, your work, entertainment, health care you name it.

From my readings about last weekends walks I got the distinct impression that the supporters were concerned about people not believing what science has been telling us, especially in the field of global warming, as if, if we believed and acted on what they said our society would be better.

Pondering that, I find it amazing that researchers of medical science and knowledge knowing now, that human life begins at conception, that they have not publicly come out against abortion. Maybe its only certain information that is important for us to believe or even know about.

Stephen Schlueter
Solem Rd.
Suttons Bay

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