2017-05-04 / Views

We’d rather have animal calls

Will the number of animal complaints overtake the number of drunk drivers in Leelanau County?

We hope not, and not because we’ve found that calls about animals spark interest in our weekly summation of conversations with 9-1-1 dispatchers. They often handle inquiries from frantic dog owners whose pets have wandered off, and occassionally get a call about a cow in the road or a raccoon in the attic.

Collectively they provide pretty good entertainment value, and a sign that Leelanau hasn’t lost its rural flavor.

But a jump in calls about drunks — and in recent years, a spike in drug calls — tells a different story about the changing face of Leelanau County.

In the 2016 crime statistics report provided by the Sheriff’s Office, animal complaints were up by 16 and drunk drivers were up by 44.

The animals are still on top with 145 calls, with drunks second at 129.

Maybe we can widen the lead in 2017.

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