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Looking Back...

5 YEARS AGO May 10, 2012

Although members of the Leelanau Independent Women for Democratic Action (LIWDA) didn’t get their wish, they did cause a stir and a public discussion by pushing a national movement on a local level.

Four deputies were called to the Leelanau County Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday morning after name-calling, heckling and at least one swear word disrupted the meeting. Eventually, the board voted 5-2 not to support a “Move to Amend” motion seeking to strip all Constitutional rights from American corporations.

* * *

Mike Kalchik first thought he’d give a “Happy Mother’s Day!” shout out over the Detroit Tigers television network from Oakland, Calif. to his mother, Kathy, in Leelanau Township. Then the 23-year-old St. Mary grad, a new account manager for the A’s, decided he could go one better. He arranged, with the help of his dad, Steve, to have his mother fly out to the Oakland Coliseum for Mother’s Day weekend.

* * *

Students in the Glen Lake school district will have new technology in the classroom next fall after approval of a $1.9 million bond issue this week. District voters narrowly approved a bond proposal in Tuesday’s election 316-295. It was the only issue on the ballot.

10 YEARS AGO May 10, 2007

Cost for the removal of holding tank waste is soaring. Effective last week, septic haulers serving county homes and businesses with holding tanks began taking “grey water” to the Suttons Bay Village Sewer Treatment plant, the only treatment facility within a 15-mile radius. Residential properties with holding tanks will have their charges nearly double for each “pump out.”

* * *

Construction of Leelanau County’s new $10.6 million governmental center and courthouse north of M-204 in Suttons Bay Township is on budget and a little bit ahead of schedule according to county officials. The prime contractor, DeVere Construction Co., has estimated that the three-level, 68,173-square-foot facility will be ready for occupancy sometime around November 2007.

* * *

The Suttons Bay-Bingham Fire and Rescue 2.3-mill property tax levy proposal passes. Several department employees may have lost their jobs later this year had the vote gone the other way.

35 YEARS AGO May 13, 1982

County voters may face a ¼ to ½-mill tax issue in November to finance the bulk of the proposed remodeling and expansion that would bring the Leelanau County Jail fully up to state standards. Last Wednesday, the County Jail Expansion Advisory Committee advocated going ahead with bids on about $100,000 worth of the total $900,000 expansion plan, using $97,000 in money already allocated.

* * *

The Leelanau County Apportionment Commission got down to the business of redrawing the county’s commissioner districts yesterday, with the statement that input from all sides will be accepted the second time around. The commission was forced to redraw the districts a second time due to the state Supreme Court ruling issued late last week.

* * *

Several downstate counties’ property tax protests got exactly nowhere this week–and Leelanau County residents will have their chance next month to ask State Tax Commissions officials why. The Leelanau County Board of Commissioners Tuesday set a special night meeting for Wednesday, June 16, in the County Building for township assessors and the general public.

60 YEARS AGO May 9, 1957

The board of education of the Glen Lake Community Schools and Superintendent James Reed announce that the fine arts classroom, dropped temporarily from plans for the new high school under construction near Burdickville, now will be included in the original building, rather than having to be added later.

* * *

Members of the Empire Lions Club, meeting Monday night at the Meadows restaurant in Burdickville, launched a campaign to provide a clinic for the Glen Lake area and to staff the clinic first with a doctor and later with a dentist.

* * *

The Leelanau County unit of the American Cancer Society, second in Michigan to pass its state-set quota, now has exceeded its own goal of $3,000, according to George S. Smith of Omena, campaign chairman. The state quota was $2,100.The additional funds raised in Leelanau will be used here for care of local cancer patients.

120 YEARS AGO May 6, 1897

Northport. The first of May although cloudy and rainy was a fine day for fishing in Ganon and Ransoms pond, and about two bushels of the speckled beauties were caught. Dolph Gagnon took the cake by catching a trout that measured 18 inches in length and tipped the scale at a plump two pounds.

* * *

The Northport and Suttons Bay stage driver wishes to inform the general public that there was lost, strayed or stolen from his stage last Monday in the strictly moral town of Northport a keg of beer. Any information that will lead to the finding of the keg or conviction of the thieves will be greatly appreciated.

* * *

Bills are out for a grand ball in Todd’s Hall at Glen Arbor, on Friday evening May 7th 1897. It will be given under the auspices of the Glen Arbor Base Ball Club.

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