2017-05-11 / Leelanau Log

Construction Code Authority Building permits issued

Village of Empire

Village of Empire (Empire Chamber of Commerce) Construct Tent for asparagus festival 40’ x140’ on W Front Street ($1).

Village of Suttons Bay

Seeley Enterprises LLC (Thomas W. Scott) Installation of Solar panels 35 panels on south roof, 22 panels on west roof, 7 panels on garage system, connected to inverters at 200 S Cedar Street ($141,582).

Cleveland Township

Bruce and Catherine M. Buchan (Joshua Popa) Construct Residential detached unfinished garage with Finishes conditioned work shop at 7430 S Upper Orchard Rd ($48,000).

Elmwood Township

David J. Colby and Ashlee C. Samuels (Self) Construct Single family dwelling, one story, unfinished basement with two decks at 7855 E Harrys Rd ($97,600).

William R. and Cindy K. Crandall (Maison Builders LLC) Construct single family dwelling, one story, partially finished basement, covered porch, Screened porch and unfinished attached garage at 9323 E Summer Field Dr. ($301,130).

Rotary Camps & Services Maritime (Self) Construct temporary tent for sheltered waiting area permitted for no more than 180 days at 13240 S West-Bay Shore ($1).

Michael A. and Kimberly S. Rosso (Whiteford Associates Incorporated) Construct single family dwelling, one story, partially Finished basement, covered porch, deck, attached garage with finished interior and attached workshop with unfinished interior at 10493 S Monaco Way (296,890).

Empire Township

Lada Cozette Trust (Miller I. Olmsted) Installation of 29 solar panels at 4344 Burdickville Rd. ($25,825).

Leland Township

Township of Leland (Leland Chamber of Commerce) Construct four temporary Tents for Leland Annual food and Wine Festival at 107 N Lake Street ($1).

Jeffry R. & Ilze Hammersley (Jason O. Howes) Installation of solar panels 12 panels on SW facing roof, 12 panels on SE facing roof, system connected to inverter at 5931 N Birchwood Dr ($38,610).

Solon Township

Southpaw Hollow LLC (Self) Residential demolition 1.5 story , unfinished basement with enclosed porch ($1).

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