2017-05-11 / Letters

Of course Earth is warming; Little Ice Age ending

To the Editor:

OK, enough. We are going in circles. What I have said about the Left is true; it tries to divide us along every possible line-racial, religious, ethnic, economic, whatever, and get us to fighting among ourselves. It does in fact demean the opposition, engage in character assassination, and use Alinsky’s tactics, copied from the Communists, to try to achieve its goal. I believe that goal is a left-wing oligarchy at best, an outright left-wing totalitarian nation at worst. To criticize me for pointing this out, and for pointing out that they do not engage in the arena of ideas because they have no ideas, is not legitimate. I am not namecalling; I am stating a fact. I will cheerfully engage any liberal any time, with the proviso that I not be shouted down. Fat chance.

One last time about anthropogenic global warming. I know of two instances of what are questionable, to say the least, research tactics. One is the fabrication of data by the University of East Anglia wherein “researchers” outright made things up. The other is the sudden “discovery” by NOAA that it had somehow “misinterpreted” 17 years’ worth of temperature data covering the early years of this century. This “discovery” reversed the conclusion that there had been no global temperature increase during that time and said that there had been an increase. This fell conveniently into line with the desired narrative. Seventeen years’ worth of error?

We are coming out of the Little Ice Age. Of course things are warming up; that’s what ends ice ages. What we don’t know is exactly why. The last big ice age didn’t end because humans were emitting too much CO2 so it is problematical to say that this one is.

Charles Knapp
W. Harbor Hwy
Maple City

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