2017-05-18 / Letters

Bingham should adopt proposed junk ordinance

To the Editor:

I am writing to respond to “no junk yard ordinance” in the April 20 Leelanau Enterprise at Bingham Township.

The junk is not only growing in size, but now has a brush pile too.

I was born and raised in Suttons Bay and have lived on Bay Shore Dr. for 35 years. I feel like I am a native, can Mr. McGee and Saxton say the same?

This is or was a nice clean neighborhood. Nice homes well kept up, and nice yards, until a junk yard moved in.

What does this do to the value of homes? When I go to my mailbox, all I see is junk. If someone were to buy my house, that is their view.

It will take more than a letter, which will just be discarded.

Julius Nelson
West Bay Shore Dr.
Bingham Township

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