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In the spirit of cooperation

Competition prepares students for life beyond school.

So does cooperation.

Robotics has become the latest ring for school team competition. Leelanau County students have excelled in the new field, with the Leland team edging ahead of Suttons Bay at the state meet and securing an invitation to the world competition already held in Omaha.

We understand there was some drama — and controversy — involved.

But in a tradition begun years ago in basketball, Suttons Bay Robotics team members realized that all of Leelanau County would be represented by the Leland team and got on board.

“Because of this friendliness,” wrote Suttons Bay senior Spencer Seeley in an email, “two weeks before the world competition I got a text from Remi Masse, the captain of Leland’s team, explaining their discomfort with their battery situation ... I made sure to get (our batteries) to Leland before they left.”

Congratulations to all our Robotics team members.

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