2017-05-25 / Leelanau Log

Construction Code Authority Building permits issued

Village of Northport

Thomas Capen (Self) Construct residential alteration for unconditioned shop: install vinyl siding over T 11 existing siding, replace 4 windows and 1 new window w/ 2”x8” header at 116 E. Nagonaba Street ($5,000).

Bingham Township

Ciccone Vineyards and Winery LLC (Self) Construct commercial toilet/changing room building, one story wood frame on slab 24’x52’, main floor, “B” Use, “VB” Construction type, “13” Total occupant load at 10275 E. Hill Top Road ($154,453).

Albert J. and Susan T. Seese (Self) Construct residential alteration to an existing single family dwelling, wood frame: main floor, bedroom and remove/replace shingles at 5860 S. Cummings Street ($4,950).

Leonard A. Mikowski Trust (Self) Construct install asphalt shingles over one layer of asphalt shingles on house and garage at 9880 E. Otto Road ($10,000).

Cleveland Township

Dennis M. and Katherine A. Hurst (Brakel Construction Inc.) Construct residential detached garage, one story, wood frame on slab, 30’x30’, interior unfinished at 294 E. Traverse Lake Road ($18,000).

Elmwood Township

Ronald S. and Jennifer L. Ray (Preferred Roofing and Siding LLC) Remove and replace shingles to two story single family dwelling at 10037 S. High Meadows Ct. ($14,700).

Empire Township

William and Kimberly B. Haig (James Anderson Builders Inc.) Construct residential interior alterations: main floor at 8904 S. Dunns Farm Road ($6,480).

Thomas J. and Nancy D. Pykosz (Harriger Construction Inc.) Construct single family dwelling, two story wood frame with unfinished basement, main floor, second floor, covered porch, enclosed unconditioned three season room and conditioned breezeway at 7670 W. Empire Hwy ($256,910).

Meegan Holland (Eric H. Gaylord) Construct interior alterations to single family dwelling, main floor at 7121 W. Glenmere Road ($24,300).

Kasson Township

Matthew M. and Joann M. Benjamin (Self) Construct single family dwelling, one story, wood frame, unfinished and finished basement, main floor, deck and unfinished attached garage at 896 W. Burdickville Road ($146,010).

Mark F. and Deborah J. Lang (Self) Construct aluminum reshingle over existing asphalt shingle roof at 9309 S. Novak Road ($5,000).

Leelanau Township

Thomas and Mary M. Foydel (Self) Construct single family dwelling, one story, wood frame: unfinished basement, main floor, covered porch and unfinished attached garage at 7859 N. Swede Road ($244,440).

Gerald H. and Catherine L. Lippert (Richard Parker Builder LLC) Remove and replace windows above deck to roof as shown on East elevation at 14548 N. Forest Beach Shores ($20,000).

Scott and Timothy Grilly (Self) Construct residential addition of unconditioned enclosed porch for storage to each side of an existing post frame building at 15222 E. Wood How Ln ($15,360).

Township of Leelanau (Self) Construct commercial interior alteration of existing Township fire station to remove existing bathrooms and replace with ADA bathroom at 5000 N. West Bay Shore Drive ($29,703).

Leland Township

Richard E. and Elizabeth Couturier (L&L Family Construction LLC) Construct residential unfinished post frame building, one story, wood frame at 5674 E. Duck Lake Road ($28,800).

Robin J. Ling Trust (Maple Hill Builders LLC) Construct residential alteration – rebuild an existing roof dormer at 402 S. Mill Street ($8,100).

Color Beach LLC (MAC Custom Homes Inc.) Construct foundation only for single family dwelling, masonry crawl space for house and attached garage foundation. Demolish existing two story dwelling on crawl space with deck and attached garage at 5316 N. Manitou Trail ($4,309).

David L. and Barbara Bigelow (Soper Construction LLC) Construct single family dwelling, two story, wood frame: main floor, second floor loft, covered porch/deck and finished attached garage with upper level unfinished attic storage at 1282 S. Manitou Trail ($453,470).

Suttons Bay Township

Rexroat Family Trust (Doug Dynasty Construction LLC) Construct single family dwelling, two story, wood frame, crawl space, unfinished and finished basement, main floor, second floor, covered porch, deck and unfinished attached garage at 402 N. Herman Road ($258,207).

Peter J. Leabo (Self) Construct residential kitchen addition: crawl space, main floor; alteration: main floor and roof at 8210 E. Duck Lake Road ($163,960).

David A. and Sharon K. Kiessel (Self) Construct residential addition to single family dwelling, covered porch at 3024 N. Korson Road ($2,000).

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