2017-05-25 / Leelanau Log

Real estate transfers recorded in county

May 3, 2017

Nancy Raymond to Michael Raymond, Section 30 in Glen Arbor Township.

James W. and Gael M. Custer to Loren Venegas and Debroah Fishaw, Lot 2, Section 3 in the Village of Northport ($540,000).

Rebecca S. Cole to Cornerstone Affordable Homes LLC, Section 23 in Solon Township ($40,000).

Chad L. and Mindy Beers to Britton C. and Gretchen Diver, Lots 25 and 26, Old Mission Subdivision in Bingham Township ($382,500).

May 4, 2017

Christopher D. and Joan E. Kmotorka to Christopher D. and Joan E. Kmotorka, Trustees of the Kmotorka Trust, Lot 3, Section 28 in Bingham Township.

Chemical Bank to Fannie Mae, Lot No 7, Ski View Farms in Centerville Township.

May 5, 2017

Stephanie Strehl, Successor Trustee of the Carolyn T. Anderson Trust to Charles W. Anderson, Section 10 in Leelanau Township.

Charles and Karen Smith, and Wendy K. Christiani to Wendy K. Christiani, Section 22 in Solon Township.

Janet L. Jones to John R. Tosch, Lot 2, Section 14 in Cleveland Township.

Verne Pomraning to Paul D. and Kathy Crockett, Section 30 in Elmwood Township ($65,000).

Stephanie Strehl, Trustee of the Carolyn T. Anderson Trust to Nicholas and Stacy Panetta, Section 10 in Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

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