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Obama back as organizer; paid well for book, speeches

To the editor:

Obama’s back: “Point is, I’m still fired up and ready to go. You’re going to see me early next year, and we’re going to be in a position where we can start cooking up all kinds of great stuff.”

Dethroned Obama, ruling from his “shadow White House office” two miles from Trump, courageously enduring $60 million book deals and $3 million speeches. A selfless man of the people.

Obama’s playbook: “Now is the time for some organizing, so don’t mope.” NY Post explains, “Organizing For Action, formerly Obama for America” with reinforcements from Obama’s “Foundation”, receiving “grants” and registered as a “nonpartisan” tax- exempt 501(c)(4) with 250 offices, training manuals and 32,525 volunteers nationwide aka Obama’s “family.” Organizing summits on college campuses, training “2 million youths ... Obama’s higher-education for useful idiots and the gullible?

Robert Creamer, convicted felon, husband of Illinois Congresswoman Schakowsky, responsible for violence at Republican events. A frequent Obama WH visitor, 340 visits, 45 visits with Obama himself, collaborating again?

After 92 American terror attacks or averted plots since 9/11 and 1,000 ongoing terrorist investigations, mobs chant “no ban, no wall, sanctuary for all”, exemplifying stuck on stupid.

Problematic? Warmly “welcomed” unaccompanied children are joining MS-13’s 10,000 gangmembers in 40 states. MS-13’s motto is “kill, rape, control.”

Nothing to see here. Benghazi, Iran, the IRS, Fast-n-Furious, Hillary’s unprosecuted corruption, illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, plus Obama’s political techniques exploited during his Machiavellian reign, domestic surveillance, and diversified violence ,,,

Whereas, zero evidence of “election interference” awakened Democrats’ impeccable ethical standards, demanding Special Council intervention.

Message sent: Whenever Democrats lose elections, expect Democrats witch- hunt revenge.

Nobel Peace Prize Obama’s deplorable Democrat coup is underway!

Mary L Bowen
PO Box 116

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I am forever amazed at how

I am forever amazed at how she packs so much hate and vitriol in 250 words.

Mary Bowen is back: Point is

Mary Bowen is back: Point is Republicans never learn.