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Liberal America still in meltdown after Presidential election

To the editor:

America has become two separate countries. One country attempts to balance the budget, defend us from radical Muslim terrorists and lead us back to our potential as a world leader while the other can’t get past the last election. America’s collective educational system indoctrinates our youth to fall in line as little Karl Marxes, leaving them unprepared for the real world and oblivious to the un-sustainability of socialism.

We recently saw a good example of how deep collegiate brainwashing goes. Instead of showing maturity and openness toward diverse thinking, graduates walked out at their Notre Dame commencement because they did not agree with the speaker’s viewpoint.

I remember when young people could not wait to be on their own, to spread their wings and soar. Now, many are overly fearful. They are like fully feathered birds, afraid to leave the nest because the altitude scares them.

Liberal America is in a constant, post-election melt down mode. There is no effort to work together, even on the issues that would benefit all Americans. Instead, there is just a predictable din of dissent and anger. The Schumer/Pelosi duo look like a Debby Downer sketch from Saturday Night Live. All that is missing is the “waa waa waa” when they talk. It seems as though they spend their entire day by microphones waiting for opportunities to criticize rather than working to get us out of the Obama-era debt and international quagmire. Americans are getting very tired of their constant negativity and obstructionism.

So how can the Democrats get past their psychosis? Address the substantive issues. Put the people’s needs ahead of liberal politics; have schools educate instead of indoctrinate; and teach our youth to be open to other opinions and viewpoints and that Americans embrace diversity, not run from it at graduation ceremonies.

Jim Miller
Omena Point Rd., Omena

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I meant to say in my comment

I meant to say in my comment posted Thurs, 2017-06-01, Mr. Mitter, IT is sickening… Sorry for the error and did not mean to directly confront Mr. Miller.

Yes, I am horrified as I

Yes, I am horrified as I watch Republicans had over much of what America once stood for over to Putin and Russia. Mr. Miller, is sickening and repulsive to watch Trummies support and applaud an obviously sick man destroy the relationships formed with Western Europe when one considers the blood and lives lost, which previously created those unions. Those brave soldiers must be turning in their graves.